Regardless of the size of your property, our crews at Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc have the necessary familiarity with the local terrain as well as top-notch equipment for all land clearing services.

As a means to not only keep your property clearly defined but also provide an added level of safety & security to your family, be sure to inquire about the extent of our services if there is anything needed that is not listed. We are available 7 days a week via phone or email, for your convenience.


Grading & Leveling

Site grading and terrain leveling is an essential part of building the foundation for your new home or commercial building. Proper grading will improve drainage around the building to prevent basement flooding or other damage. It also creates a basis for foundations and other things such as decks, patios, parking lots and driveways. Bob Mahoney Excavating, Inc. land grading and leveling services are also used to improve access around your project. With our trained professionals and high-quality land grading equipment, we guarantee that we will grade your property in a timely manner and it will serve its purpose and improve the look and efficiency of your property.

Land grading and compaction services typically used as a follow-up for demolition, hauling, and finally, project completion. It is often referred to as earthwork, site development, or simply grading. Our team, coupled with the industrial equipment in our inventory here at Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc, will ensure completion of the site in a timely manner whilst providing our world-class land grading services throughout Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin. If you are looking for a grading quote on your property in McHenry County, Lake, Boone and Northern Cook County in Illinois, call a land grading specialist today at (847) 489-3153. We also provide grading, excavating services, demolition and site development in Kenosha County & Walworth County in Southern Wisconsin.


Over the years we have fine tuned our procedures and have become experts in: land clearing, grading, leveling, foundations, house-pads, and building pads. Here’s how it works:

On-site Assessment

By visiting your property, our crews get the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the lay of the land, identify possible obstacles or troublesome terrain features, and obtain an overall sense of the land's requirements.

Plan of Action

After our teams have had the chance to become accustomed to your property, we are able to sit down with you, the client, directly in order to gather insights and preferences. As this is established, we will develop you client-specific plan-of-action.


Once the "plan-of-action" and scheduling have been finalized, our seasoned crews will promptly and efficiently affect your preferred land services, such as backfill, grading, and leveling.


If for any reason that our land services are not up to par, or on the off-chance there was an oversight on our part, we stand behind our work and will rectify any issues immediately.

Please fill out our Free Estimate form for an accurate quote on your Industrial, Residential or Commercial Excavating and/or Demolition project. A member of our staff will get in touch with you within 24 hours.