When you decide on a company to handle your construction project, ideally, you want a crew that is safe as well as experienced. Many companies will make you promises, but they don’t have the skills or machinery necessary to complete your project the right way. Unfortunately, many of our competitors are so focused on landing the job that they will tell you anything. Who can you really trust? With Mahoney, our owner is the person that you will meet. We want you to meet the heart of the company, and the person that is responsible for handling your project. Experience and the ability to trust our company is the main reason that we have been in business for decades. We know that you’re entrusting our dreams in our hands, which is why we talk with your through every step of the process. Clearing your land can create a new look for your property, and we’re excited that you’ve chosen us to be a part of it.

Our personal quote ensures that you get the best advice for your project. Bob Mahoney is focused on providing you with useful feedback as well as handling your project. We perform this service for free, because we feel that it is important for you to get an expert opinion. Mahoney Excavating, Inc. is trusted in our industry because of this personalized approach. There are companies that will tell you anything to get your business, as we mentioned earlier. We want to make sure that you hear what you need so that you can select the company that is the best for the job. Our quotes have always been free and they will continue to be free. Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service, even if you aren’t going to hire us.

Mahoney Excavating, Inc is who you call when you need a highly skilled, professional land clearing team. We offer commercial, industrial and residential land clearing services. We are based out of Richmond IL, just north of McHenry IL and we offer site preparation and land clearing throughout McHenry County, Lake County, Boone County and Northern Cook County in Illinois. Also serving Kenosha County & Walworth County in Southern Wisconsin. Our specialized land clearing equipment allows us to perform the task at hand without sacrificing time, effort or accuracy. Check out our other grading, excavation and demolition services sections to learn more about what we do, and then give us a call to discuss exactly what we can do for you.

Concrete Removal Services

With our arsenal of heavy and industrial equipment always at the ready, you can rest assured that your property’s excess concrete will be removed both thoroughly and at a refreshingly quick pace. Having “cut our teeth” years ago in the excavation industry, we are more than confident that whatever size project you have in mind, we are the #1 best choice throughout Southern Milwaukee & Northern Illinois.

Tree & Stump Removal

Most clearing contractors do not take careful consideration of the trees that will remain. These can easily be damaged. But, with Bob Mahoney Excavating’s years of experience in the tree service business, our staff will eliminate damaging the most important trees — the trees that will surround your house that you want to keep. Be sure to ask about bundling services, as well!

Foliage & Vegetation Removal

It is important for all the stumps and vegetation to be removed. You don’t want these root balls to be under your pad. They will eventually decompose and create a void under your slab, compromising the structural integrity of your house. Taking advantage of our years of expertise is a definite way to maintain the integrity of your home for years!

Gravel, Boulders, & More!

Boulders, rock-sheets, slate, limestone, gravel - all very common terrain composites that can prove to be very troublesome in the long run if they are not adequately removed in their entirety. We apply our knowledge gained as being a locally owned and operated outfit to assess your terrain and clear out any unnecessary obstructions.

Please fill out our Free Estimate form for an accurate quote on your Industrial, Residential or Commercial Excavating and/or Demolition project. A member of our staff will get in touch with you within 24 hours.